I am very excited to announce that after several months of development, Your Life In Film is now live! There is already a great line up of videos in production and have been a pleasure to dive into.

First up is Adam and Becky. They have provided me with some wonderful footage of their son Oliver, documenting his first 2 and a half years in the world. It’s so heartwarming to see him progress from a baby to his first attempts at “zombie shuffling” across the floor and finally to his momentous first steps. With 4 hours of footage in total, I aim to create an exciting video that will take all the highlights of Oliver’s adventures – a neat little edited package that can be shared with all their loved ones. I hope the final video will help immortalise these special moments and give them something to reflect back on as their son continues to grow.

My parents took loads of home video footage of me when I was young. As I continued to grow, I always loved revisiting these videos and marvelling on how much me, my parents and my sister had changed. Even to this day I revisit them every couple of years. Memories are so precious and it’s amazing to be able to view snippets of the past in video form. As wonderful as photographs are, videos really do say more! Memories and creating stories are my passion and I am so excited to be able to share this to the world. I hope the video for Adam and Becky will help provide the same window to the past for Oliver as my parents videos did for me 🙂